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Oct. 8th, 2008

flower, hydrangea

Tired but no nightmares, so......

Well, I've been up since 5AM, and I'm a little tired and groggy, but at least I didn't have any nightmares so the sleep I did get was solid!  The rain has come early today, so that changes my plans for this morning slightly, but that's alright too.  I was going to go outside and bury the latest bird casualty; I spotted a robin on my way to work yesterday afternoon that had snapped it's neck somehow.  It hadn't flown into the house cause it was in the middle of of the front lawn.  Maybe she flew into the maple tree, or was startled and fell.  It happens.  I didn't have time before work to do anything, so I figured I'd wait until this morning and if the local wildlife hadn't recycled her then I would return her to the earth.  Now I guess I'll have to wait till the rain stops.  If she's even out there anymore ... I haven't looked yet since it's still dark outside.

I've been having horrible nightmares about zombies lately.  Not sure why.  I haven't watched any horror movies lately.  Perhaps it's linked to my mood ... I'm just coming out of a depressive episode, which is why I've been so quiet lately too.

For now I should scurry off and have my shower.  I've got to go to Barrie today to see my psychiatrist, then spend the rest of the day shopping with Mom.  Then later on tonight I'm going to call a friend of mine in Texas and see if I can cheer her up; she's been majorly stressed recently.

Anyways, hope everyone has a great day!  {{{HUGS}}}

Sep. 17th, 2008

flower, hydrangea

My absolute favourite Final Fantasy movie!


Sep. 1st, 2008

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Project update .....

Well, I know what I said ........ I said I was going to continue growing my hair till it was 18 inches or so from the nape of my neck to the ends.  Well, on Thursday, the 15th day in a row of having a headache and the 2nd month anniversary of my ongoing neck-ache, I cut off enough to make my donation to Locks of Love.  My donation length was 11 inches, and I was ever so happy when I sealed it away in it's padded envelope and mailed it on Friday after work! 

So now I have shoulder length hair, just like I wanted, and I've dyed it a medium brown with reddish blond highlights.  Heeheehee.  I used L'Oreal Couleur Experte's Cinnamon Stick this time and really like the results.

I'll be sharing pictures soon.


Aug. 24th, 2008

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 Well, I went back to work today, even though my voice isn't a hundred percent yet.  I'd say it's about seventy-five percent actually.  At least people can hear me when I say something now!

It wasn't a bad shift, considering we were sold out.  Pretty much all the guests checked in before my shift started, and even the phone was quiet, so I didn't have to strain my voice too much.  Still drinking extra water and resting, and still sucking away on Halls throat drops, but it's an improvement.

Perhaps tomorrow it will be even better!


Aug. 23rd, 2008

flower, hydrangea

A new project is born .....

A very dear friend of mine has just found out that she is living with cancer again.  After a valiant struggle with breast cancer, it has now been discovered in her liver.  I wish her all the best, and have added her to my healing list for reiki.  But I started thinking ..... what else can I do?

While thinking about it yesterday, I noticed I was twirling my hair around my fingers, an old habit of mine that I still do when thinking seriously about something.  Then it hit me, I could donate my hair to make wigs for others with cancer.  So I started researching the topic and finally came across Locks of Love.  It seems to be the only organization doing this that will accept colour-treated hair, and I do soooo love to dye my hair.  They ask for a minimum donation of 10 inches of hair, from the nape of your neck to the ends of the hair.  

As of this evening, my hair is 12 inches from the nape of my neck to the ends of my hair.  I love my long hair, so my goal is to grow it so that it's 18 inches from nape to ends, so that when I have it cut I'll still have shoulder length hair left myself.  It may take me a couple of years, but this is my goal!  My hair seems to grow 2 or 3 inches per year anyways, so as long as I can keep it strong and growing, I'll keep my goal at 18 inches.  Otherwise, I'll just grow it until it stops growing, and donate 10 inches.

I'm going to have my hair trimmed this week, to stimulate some more growth and get rid of any dead ends.


Aug. 19th, 2008

flower, hydrangea

Still Speechless

 Well, I'm having another quiet day at home today.  My hubby is working 12 hour shifts this week, so it really is quite quiet over here during the day.  The humidity broke last night with the thunderstorms that rolled through, so I've got all the windows wide open, letting the cool fresh air blow through.  It feels like early Fall outside today.  

I did some laundry this morning, and have it drying outside on the clothes line right now, which I always love.  I even went outside for an hour and a half and did a little bit of weeding in my gardens.  I might go out again later on when the sun goes down a bit behind the trees, and either do some more weeding or just sit outside and watch the birds flitting back and forth to the feeders.  They're so cute!

For now though, I think I'll grab a little bite to eat and have a nap.  This virus is really sapping my energy.


Aug. 18th, 2008

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Speechless ... literally

Well, that "harmless summer cold" has now taken my voice!  Which is actually okay with me, I'm used to it, and recognize it as the Goddess putting her foot down and forcing me to take time off for ME!  So for the next 4 days I'm here at home, minimum.  I called the office first thing this morning and told the day clerk that I'm taking today and tomorrow as sick days (well, it sounded more like croaking actually, LOL), and then Wednesday and Thursday are my regular days off.  Then we'll see how I'm doing.  I don't bother going to the doctor every time I lose my voice simply because I know what he'll say .... it's a virus, just treat the symptoms.  If it last for more than 4 or 5 days though, then I'll go see about it.  

Otherwise, my symptoms are much better.  I'm awake and alert, my fever seems to be gone for the moment anyways.  Even my sinus pressure is almost gone.  Which seems to be the way my body works when I lose my voice.

So my grand plan for today is sit in the living room on the couch, playing soft Celtic music in the background and finishing off Lesson 14 for SIC, maybe even finishing off my research for my Level 1 Final Project, WOOHOO!  We're supposed to get some nasty thunderstorms later today too, so maybe then I'll open the drapes and watch the lightning.


Aug. 16th, 2008

flower, hydrangea

Feelin' icky

I haven't been feeling the greatest for the last week, like I've been coming down with a bug.  Guess I can't deny it anymore; this morning I woke up with my sinuses bothering me, my head feeling swimmy, and still feeling exhausted even after sleeping a solid 9 hours.  Not to mention the fact that I can't clear the frogs out of my throat.  Grrrr.  I hate being sick.  

I've increased my Vitamin C intake already, and have been getting more rest this past week, so I'll continue both of those.  I wish I could take the day off of work, but it's too late to call in sick now.  Should've called in at 8am when I got up for a glass of water, but I was hoping I'd feel better by now.  *sigh*  Oh well, maybe I'll head into town a little early and buy some new plants for my gardens ... that always cheers me up!  So will the chocolate chip cookies I baked last night, heeheehee.

I do have a question though.  Is exercise a good thing or a bad thing while sick?  Opinions?  I'm thinking that so long as I can breathe without difficulty and not feel dizzy while working out, then I'll continue my belly dancing after work.  Maybe it will help fight the bug off faster.


Aug. 13th, 2008

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Motherpeace Tarot & Reiki

 I'm so enchanted by these cards!  The size, the shape, the designs, the feel of them in my hands ... I can't wait to start studying them!

But I already have a question for anyone who practices Reiki and uses the Motherpeace Tarot.........

Has anyone else noticed that when you pick up the cards, Reiki energy begins flowing?  Every time I've held this deck, my hands heat up instantly, and Reiki starts flowing.  Phenomenal!  I've never had that reaction to a tarot deck before.  So I'm curious.  Am I alone in this phenomenon?  Or is it fairly common?

Love & Blessings!
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Work drama, ugh!

 Just to make myself perfectly clear, I hate drama at work!  I mean I really HATE it!!!!  There's nothing worse than going into work, day in day out, and realizing that instead of working with other adults I'm managing a kindergarten class!  K doesn't want to work with anyone but C, D quit cause she couldn't stand K shooting off his mouth anymore, L is looking for another job for the same reason, C wants to work everyday but is slow as molasses in February, H wants everyone to be friends, T is never around (some manager he is!), J is going senile, G is making more mistakes everyday, and S simply doesn't want to talk to anybody anymore except me!  Grrrrrrrrr.  Do I look like a kindergarten teacher, or a referee??????  


Makes me wonder why I care so much about the place, and yet I do.  I like my job.  It's the people that grate on my nerves.  Bit of a  conundrum for the hospitality industry, huh?!

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